What is Tyro?

Tyro provides tailored payment solutions suited to your industry’s needs to help you streamline your business. With Tyro's affordable smart technology, you can make sales and achieve business goals with ease to help save you time and money.

Why Tyro with Telstra?

Make your first $15K sales fee-free

And, thereafter, receive a flat transaction rate of 1.6%.

Flat 1.6% transaction rate

Manage and control your costs with a flat transaction rate of 1.6%, to avoid surprises.

Mobile backup

Help to minimise sales interruptions with 3G and 4G back-up on Australia's best mobile network.

No lock-in contracts

Manage or change your Tyro service any time to suit your evolving business needs.

How Tyro benefits your business

Boost efficiency with seamless integration

Reduce keying errors and make end-of-day reconciliation a breeze with 300+ integrated POS/PMS providers.

Get a competitive edge with real-time insights

With Tyro's cloud-based EFTPOS solutions, you can track your sales in real-time, helping you to serve your customers better.

Take payments fast to maintain momentum

Serve customers fast, with average sub 1.5 second transaction speeds.

Keep sales data at your fingertips

Download the Tyro App to track EFTPOS transactions, so you can keep an eye on business while you're on the go.

Tyro EFTPOS machines

Speak with us about Tyro's EFTPOS machines in participating stores to decide which will suit your business best.

CounterTop EFTPOS for fast in-store transactions

Create seamless sales experiences for your customers to help keep your business moving. Suited to both small and medium businesses with a physical presence.

Mobile EFTPOS to make sales on the go

Take payments on the go by bringing EFTPOS to your customers. Suited to both small and medium businesses that work from multiple sites.

Sign up for Tyro

Get EFTPOS, made effortless

Sign up for Tyro with Telstra today and enjoy a flat transaction rate with no lock-in contract. Plus, make your first $15K of sales fee-free.

Telstra exclusive Tyro offer for first $15K transaction fee-free, then 1.6% flat rate to customers who sign up with Tyro. Offer ends 31 Mar 2022. See details and terms.

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