Why Telstra Track and Monitor?

Today, your customers demand a better service, faster and cheaper. To meet these demands, you need to manage your moving assets more efficiently. Telstra Track and Monitor can help your business track moving assets by showing their last-known approximate location, reducing costs, and improving customer experience.

Our Track and Monitor solutions are tailored to your needs

We understand that your business is unique. That's why we offer a range of IoT asset tracking devices and technologies to suit your requirements. From Cat-M1 trackers for vehicles and trailers to Bluetooth® tags for equipment and keys, we've got the devices you need and the knowledge to help you find the perfect solution.

What can I do with a Telstra Track and Monitor solution?

The more visibility you have, the better you can manage your business. We’ll deliver the right asset tracking solution for your business, helping you to keep an eye on what's important.

Choose from a range of IoT asset tracking devices

With Telstra you can track the last-known approximate location of assets of different sizes utilising different network technologies and values with business-grade devices designed to suit your needs.

Access powerful Telstra IoT network technologies

Monitor assets using a range of different Telstra IoT network technologies including Cat-M1/LTE-M, GPS and Bluetooth®.

Manage your assets from more places with ease

With Track and Monitor you can manage your assets from more places. A secure onshore cloud platform hosts your data which is then displayed in an intuitive web portal and mobile app. You can also integrate your tracking data with your own systems via API.

How can my business benefit from a Telstra Track and Monitor solution?

You can gain valuable visibility

Making decisions informed by location data can empower you to manage your assets, connect your supply chain, and serve your customers better.

You can reduce the cost of lost or missing assets

Companies commonly misplace ~3% to 5%* of their assets each year. Tracking your assets can contribute directly to your business’ bottom line by reducing such losses.

You can improve your customer experience

A strong track and monitor solution can improve your operational efficiency. You’ll spend less time looking for your assets and more time serving your customers.

Your solution will suit your environment

Your track and monitor solutions need to function in your location. That's why we offer durable, easy-to-install devices suited to Australian conditions.

Tracking units and tags for business

The tracking devices best suited to your needs will depend on your desired tracking frequency, coverage and battery life, as well as the value of your assets.

Cat-M1 Solar Tracking Unit

Built to withstand the elements, this unit can be attached to vehicles, trailers and heavy-duty equipment to track larger movable assets.

$548.90 per device (incl. GST)
Service: $15.95 per month per device tracked
Min cost per device $564.85 for first month, then $15.95 per month

Cat-M1 Tracking Unit

Ideal for equipment and large movable assets that don't require frequent location updates such as storage containers and trailers.

$218.90 per device (incl. GST)
Service: $11.00 per month per device tracked
Min cost per device $229.90 for first month, then $11.00 per month

Cat-M1 Rechargeable Tracking Tag

Ideal for smaller assets that need frequent tracking, such as tools, tech equipment and small storage containers.

$196.90 per device (incl. GST)
Service: $11.00 per month per device tracked
Min cost per device $207.90 for first month, then $11.00 per month

Bluetooth Tracking Unit

Ideal for small assets of lower value that need semi-frequent tracking such as gadgets and tools.

Sold in a tray of 20 devices. Min cost $1,078 (incl. GST) $53.90 per device (incl. GST).
Service: $1.65 per month per device tracked
Min cost for 20 devices $1,111.00 for first month, then $1.65 per device/per month

Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Suitable for assets that are used mostly indoors such as keys, bags and office equipment.

$31.90 per device (incl. GST)
Service: $1.65 per month per device tracked
Min cost per device $33.55 for first month, then $1.65 per month

How Track and Monitor devices can help your industry

Telstra Track and Monitor can help your business track moving assets, reduce costs, and improve customer experience, no matter what your industry. Whether your business is large or small, we're here to help keep you on track.

Construction and engineering

In the construction and engineering sectors equipment is often shared between many employees across multiple sites. Track & Monitor devices allow you to keep track of items such as power tools so that you can better protect your resources.

Hire and rental industry

Track and Monitor devices allow businesses in the hire and rental industry to better coordinate the movement of their goods between customers. This can eliminate the need to have equipment returned to a warehouse before it’s sent to the next customer, in turn lowering transportation costs.

Sport industry

Businesses in the sport industry often need to keep track of all kinds of sporting equipment such as shared trailers, kit bags and protective gear. By attaching tracking devices to their supplies, businesses can better manage inventory and decrease the chance of items going missing.

Medical industry

From wheelchairs to mobile scooters to crutches and walking frames, there are plenty of items to keep track of if you run a medical business. Track and monitor devices allow you to keep up to date on the location of assets as well as information on when they will be returned.

Aged care sector

Many businesses in the aged care sector need to track and monitor assets such as oxygen tanks, iPads and wheelchairs. Comprehensive track and monitor solutions make it easier to share, track, monitor and locate assets efficiently on any given day.

Agriculture and Agribusiness

Telstra Track and Monitor helps primary producers and other agribusinesses track the last known approximate location of machinery, tools, trailers and other business equipment easily across large regional areas utilising a range of different Telstra IoT network technologies enabling them to coordinate their people and businesses in order to help save them time and money. 

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Why choose Telstra for your asset tracking solution?

We're invested for the long haul

When you’re investing in a long-term business solution, you need a long-term partner. With a team of IoT specialists, ongoing infrastructure investment, market-leading technology and global partnerships, IoT is at the core of our strategy.

We help with challenges around costs, productivity and customer experience

It’s not an asset tracking solution unless we are solving a real problem or addressing a key priority you face every day. Our solutions are built to integrate into and improve your business processes to help you compete.

We support you with tailored solutions made simple

It’s simple - you bring the business challenge and we’ll scope the asset tracking solution. We can help you design, trial, deploy, scale, and manage your track and monitor systems. We can even offer commercial terms to help with upfront costs.

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