Telstra Vantage Remixed

Catch-up on the very best for Telstra Vantage Remixed 2021

Watch the key sessions and highlights from Telstra Vantage Remixed, 2021.

Digital momentum

Hear from Telstra CEO Andy Penn and Telstra Purple Executive Chris Smith about how we’re delivering true transformation and driving digital momentum for us, our customers and for Australia. 

Duration: 4 minutes

Secure Infrastructure

The anatomy of a hack

It's no longer a matter of if, but when. The Telstra Purple Red team will show you the anatomy of a hack in real time, the impact to your business, and the weaknesses you might not be thinking about.

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The Bigger Picture

Accessible tourism with Spinal Life

Hear from Spinal Life - a support and advocacy organisation making life easier for people with accessibility issues.

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Flexible Working

Level up your team with AR and VR

When it comes to training staff, we’re still doing things the old-fashioned way. You can now unlock massive gains in safety, efficiency, and productivity using Augmented and Virtual Reality.

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Customer Experience & Supply Chain Optimisation

Build better experiences with anonymised data.

Gaining the right data insights is critical in order to develop the right digital strategy. Join Telstra and hear how Telstra Location Insights helps plan the right strategy to build effective infrastructure to enable better customer experiences.

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Network, tech and innovation in action

Hear from Telstra Enterprise Group Executive David Burns about the latest initiatives delivering value to our customers and to Australia. This session will then unpack the criticality of modern networks and technology, the prominence of the hyperscalers, and how AFL’s Marvel Stadium and Airspeeder - the F1 of flying cars - are unlocking bleeding-edge technologies and innovation to drive their businesses. 

Duration: 4 minutes