How we help to protect your business

From cyber security to 24/7 tech support, we've got what you need to take care of your business in the digital landscape. Understanding that no two business are alike, we work with you to deliver tailored solutions built on the power of tech and world-class software to suit your needs.

Telstra Cyber Security Services

If you do business in the digital landscape, a strong cyber security strategy helps you to work more safely. Telstra Cyber Security Services help you to protect yourself and your customers, who will be grateful for the assurance that you’re helping to keep their data safe.

Defend your business against online threats

Get online security support

If your business is hacked or cyber attacked, you can get help and advice from our locally-based technical experts any time, night or day, via phone or online chat.

Enjoy triple protection

We can set up added protection on your internet, email and compatible endpoint devices to help guard against cyber threats and attacks like phishing, malware and ransomware.

Receive regular check-ups

You may redeem four assessments throughout the year that provide recommendations to help you stay better protected.

We’ve made cyber security simple with no annual fees

Business Cyber Security Services

Get powerful protection against known cyber threats for $80/mth

Large upfront fees are a thing of the past. Enjoy flexible month-to-month cyber security with no annual charges. Includes 24/7 support, regular cyber security assessments, and added triple protection. 

Business Cyber Security Services plan inclusions

24/7 support. Our tech or yours.

Tech support helps keep your business running smoothly and your finger on the pulse of the latest solutions. With 24/7 tech support, you can spend less time troubleshooting glitches and more time taking care of business.

Services are not available for some devices and software. On-site support not included. Fair Use Policy applies.

Stay on track with Telstra business tech services

Pro support, subscription style

For $60 month to month you can get help with set up and support for hardware, software or networks, whether it's Telstra or not.

24/7 help from a local team

Our locally based technical experts are here when you need them via phone or online chat.

Tech check-ups for a competitive edge

We can review your tech system four times a year to see where we can help you to make improvements.

Telstra business tech services

Staying competitive means staying tech savvy

Technology is so important to a modern small business that even the smallest IT glitch can have enormous consequences. But there are ways to minimise – and even avoid – the damage. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to tech, but it's an area that requires ongoing, careful attention. That's why our 24/7 tech support is tailored to your business's needs.

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