Pay online

You can pay online in any of the following ways: 

Pay with direct debit

You can set up a direct debit with either of the following ways: 


Avoid late payment fees

  • We don't charge late payment fees when you're on direct debit.
  • Automatic payments take the stress out of remembering to pay your bill, just set and forget.

No surprises

  • We’ll tell you the total amount owing, and you’ll be able to check all your charges online too. 

Pay using BPAY

If you already have BPAY®: 

  1. Sign in to your online banking 
  2. Choose the BPAY payment option in the payments section 
  3. Enter:
    • Telstra BPAY biller code (7773)
    • BPAY reference number (this is your account number, at the bottom of your bill)
    • Amount you want to pay
  4. Click Pay 

If you’d like to set up BPAY: 

  • Sign in to your financial institution’s website, search for BPAY and follow the prompts
  • Alternatively, contact your financial institution directly

Pay over the phone

Call 1300 369 666 and use your debit or credit card account to pay (a processing fee applies for debit and credit card payments). 

Pay in person

To pay in person, visit a Telstra store or Australia Post store (a fee of $1.00 (inc. GST) also applies – some exemptions may apply). 

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