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Once the nbn network has arrived at your address, select one of our nbn-ready plans and we’ll help you every step of the way from your first nbn appointment, to setting up your team, to making the most of your new business network.

Connecting to the nbn network

Check your address

Find out when the nbn network is going live in your area by entering your address in the nbn rollout map.

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Be prepared

Prepare your business for nbn
equipment installation by reading
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Self Install Guide

The connection process

You have the option to self install your equipment or to have one of our technicians install your service for an additional charge of $240.

If you have chosen to self install your services, you will be sent everything you need to connect your services. In certain situations, an nbn co appointment may be required to install nbn equipment.

If you have chosen to have your service professionally installed, we will work with you to arrange Telstra and nbn co appointments to install the necessary equipment.


process for connecting to the nbn

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The nbn™ network uses a combination of technologies.

Once the nbn goes live in your area, nbn co will let you know which kind of connection is delivering the network to your business.


You're connected by fibre-optic cable, which runs below ground or via overhead cables directly to your business address.


Appointment guide (PDF - 151KB)

View FTTP network image (JPG - 265KB)

You're connected by fibre-optic cable as far as a neighbourhood ‘node’ or junction box, then via the existing copper network to your business address. This is usually for single-storey buildings.

You’re connected by a fibre-optic cable to the basement or communications room, then via the existing copper network to other levels of the building. This is usually for multi-storey buildings.

You’re connected by an antenna attached to your business address.
This is usually in areas unable to get high-speed fixed-line broadband services.

You’re connected by a fibre-optic / coaxial (HFC) cable directly to your business address.
This is usually in locations that already have HFC available.

Your installation options

Once your property is connected to the nbn™ network by nbn co, we’ll send you all the installation information you need to set up your modem. The modem provided is a Wi-Fi router that links the compatible devices at your home to your new network connection.

Choose from:

Self install

Tech savvy? We’ll send you the equipment and instructions for you to install it yourself.

Professional install

Need help with installation? We can arrange a visit by one of our technicians to set up your connection for $240.

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nbn plans

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