What is Game Optimiser?

It's our new gaming add-on that gives you the power to prioritise traffic in your home network, choose servers, help curb lag spikes and more. Powered by DumaOS gaming software for Telstra Smart Modems, it works with most games, connected consoles and devices.

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    Add to your eligible nbn plan and activate on your compatible Telstra Smart Modem.
  3. Customise

    Prioritise your home network for gaming and play to your full potential.

Hot offers, Telstra Game Optimiser

$0 first month , then $10/month

Add on to your existing nbn plan and compatible Smart Modem. Incompatible with nbn Basic, Ultrafast speed plans and fixed wireless connections and upfront plans. First month on us for new Game Optimiser customers. First month on us for new Game Optimiser customers. Read full details
Xbox Series X with controller

Get 3 months Game Optimiser subscription for 3000 points

Telstra Plus members get 3 mths (includes 1 mth on us bonus offer) for 3,000 Telstra Plus points.

Then $10/mth. New Game Optimiser customers only. Eligibility criteria apply to join Telstra Plus.

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  • Prioritise traffic to gaming devices
  • Choose game server regions
  • See & control home network use
  • Works with most games & devices
  • No additional hardware

Video description

An outline of Telstra Game Optimiser features and reactions from product trialists. 

Up your game

Shoot better, raid faster, play harder. With Game Optimiser you can prioritise gaming traffic, lock in local servers, monitor your home network and more . It's the ultimate tool for hard core gamers.

Take control with Game Optimiser.

Prioritise gaming traffic and help curb lag spikes.

Give devices or apps on your home network priority and help reduce frustrating lag.

Control who gets the bandwidth first.

Choose which devices get the most bandwidth so your console gets priority to boost performance.

Geo filter who you play with - and on what server.

Only connect to servers and players close to you. Filter based on distance or select specific regions.

Powerful features that put game play first

See all features in our Game Optimiser User Guide

Network monitor

Get a real-time view of all your connected devices, and what each is doing on your network so you can apply the best settings.

Congestion Control

Manage and prevent the traffic congestion caused by a greedy device or application hogging the road!

Ping Heatmap

Regularly ping your servers to get a picture of which ones give you a gaming edge, wherever and whenever you play.


Blocks most web based ads for connected devices, with controls to turn off for specific sites or devices.

Personalised dashboard

Create your own dashboard with your favourite features on a single screen for instant updates and quick action!

Device manager

View of all the devices on your network by name so you can manage access and block unknown devices.

Traffic Controller

Set up schedules to block specific devices or applications - ideal for controlling kids' online gaming time.

Connection Benchmark

Schedule & run connection tests from your Smart Modem, to monitor the best time of day for gaming.

How Game Optimiser works

Game Optimiser puts game play first by letting you prioritise gaming traffic to and from your PC and console within your home network. Game Optimiser's features give you the power to:
  • prioritise your device within your home network
  • prioritise your gaming traffic within your home network
  • choose the regions you play in
  • improve ping and performance
  • create your own personalised dashboard
Game Optimiser works with PC and across most gaming consoles. There are no extra cables or equipment and no hassles. You simply activate on your eligible Telstra Smart Modem via My Telstra, then customise your home network for the ultimate games optimisation.

See all features in our Game Optimiser User Guide

Game Optimiser User Guide

Read the product specifications and instructions to set up features.

Download User Guide


DumaOS software for Telstra Smart Modem
Game Optimiser is powered by DumaOS, a specialised software for the Telstra Smart Modem purpose built for online gaming. 

DumaOS Desktop
DumaOS features can be customised for your own network using its web interface on your Telstra Smart Modem from a PC or Laptop.  To get started, follow the user guide steps whilst connected to your Smart Modem. 

Why choose Game Optimiser?

Specifically designed for your Telstra modem

It's the world's first gaming add on developed for one modem, to control your home network.

Get a month on us

New Game Optimiser customers enjoy their first month on us.

Then $10/mth + the cost of your broadband plan and smart modem.

Activate or deactivate anytime

You can switch Game Optimiser on or off on your modem anytime via MyTelstra.

Same bill, no surprises

Add Game Optimiser to your Telstra account and get it all on one bill once your trial period ends.

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