Build a plan that's custom-made for you

Our range of internet extras will help you get more from your Telstra connection.

Smart Wi-Fi Boosters

Want a better home wifi experience? Add Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Boosters to your internet and get guaranteed wall to wall Wi-Fi coverage.

Game Optimiser

Get the power to prioritise your home network for gaming and play like you've never played before. Try Game Optimiser for a month on us.

Extra security. Extra support.

Device Protect

Powerful cyber protection for up to 10 devices.

Device Protect is all-in-one security software that helps protect your family and your devices against known cyber threats for $10 a month. Plus get your first 2 months on us.

2 months on us redeemable once per account. Available to Telstra consumer post-paid mobile or internet customers. No guaranteed protection against all risks. See details

Broadband Protect

Bonus protection from cyber threats that's included in your plan.

Platinum support

Need a little tech help? Talk to a Platinum expert and enjoy our no fix no fee guarantee.

Improve your Wi-Fi range

Wi-Fi not doing what it should? Try these simple tips to increase your Wi-Fi range and speed.

Internet support

Troubleshooting tips and support for all your internet issues.

Add on entertainment

Entertainment extras

Get the latest shows, movies and games delivered streaming hot.

From Telstra TV, Foxtel Now and Kayo sports to the latest Xbox console, add your favourite entertainment to your internet plan and get it all one one bill.

Why choose us for internet extras?

Only we guarantee wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage.

Add Telstra Wi-Fi Boosters and we guarantee reliable Wi-Fi coverage in every room, or cancel with no further repayments.

More on the Wi-Fi Guarantee

Personalise your internet plan

Get more from your home network with smart extras that are optimised for Telstra internet.

Get it all on one bill

With your extras added to your Telstra account there are no surprises - it's all on the same bill.

Get rewarded with Telstra Plus

Add extras and join Telstra Plus to earn points and enjoy exciting member benefits

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