Why do you need cyber security?

The digital world is part of our lives - we rely on it every day. But the more you're connected, the more you're exposed to cyber threats like financial fraud and identity theft. Being careful about how you browse is not enough. Strong, up-to-date security software is your best defence against cybercrime.


Get device and identity protection.

We’ve partnered with cyber security experts, Trend Micro™, to offer their complete Security Suite for download on compatible mobiles, tablets and PCs for $10 month-to-month for eligible Telstra customers. Plus, your first 2 months are on us.

Two months on us redeemable once per account. Available to Telstra consumer post-paid mobile or internet customers. See offer details.

Broadband Protect

Bonus protection for your home broadband.

Broadband Protect helps defend your home network against websites hosting known malware, malicious content, scams and more. Best of all, it's included at no extra cost when you take up any Telstra home internet plan.

What are cyber threats?

Cyber threats are the weapons that hackers and cybercriminals use. Cyber security solutions like Device Protect help defend you against the following types of common cyber threats.


Malicious software that corrupts and steals data, usually once you click an attachment to an email. 


Malicious software that infects your device and restricts access until a ransom is paid. 


Email or SMS-based scams that pretend to be from trusted sources and trick you into providing data like your login and banking details. 


Designed to spread, virus-like, from device to device and alter or stop them working altogether. 

More ways we can help

Cyber Security for business

The biggest threat to your business could be hidden online.

Protect your investment with a trusted cyber security suite that includes 24/7 support, regular cyber security assessments and added protection for your internet, email and devices.

Why choose Telstra for Cyber Security?

Trusted partners, tested products.

We partner with leading security providers like Trend Micro to bring you tried and trusted cyber protection.

Comprehensive security package

We offer a range of feature to take the guesswork out of cyber security, including the full suite of Trend Micro security apps. 

Month-to-month flexibility

Large upfront fees are a thing of the past. Enjoy flexible month-to-month cyber security with no annual charges.

One bill, no surprises

Add Device Protect to your existing Telstra account so it's all on one bill. You'll also earn points with Telstra Plus.

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We block more than a million malicious spam calls on our network each month - and a growing number of SMS messages.

Watch out for COVID-19 remote work scams and phishing.

Protect yourself against cyber criminals who target staff working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Updates on the latest active scams

Keep tabs on the latest active security threats and report a scam.

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