5G Home Internet

5G Home Internet and a year of Kayo Basic.

For Telstra Personal customers taking up a new 5G Home Internet service.
Roll onto Kayo Basic standard month-to-month fees after 12 months unless you change or cancel beforehand. Must sign up to Kayo via Telstra.
5G Home Internet is in select areas. Eligible customers only. Limited number of services available per postcode.

Why choose us for 5G Home Internet

First month on us

Try 5G Home Internet on us for a month to make sure you love it. Pay $0 upfront and no install fee. Read the 5G offer details.

Then $85/mth. Cancel anytime.

Try it, love it - or cancel it

Try 5G internet in your home to make sure you love it and if you don’t you can cancel with no obligations.

Super easy setup

Just plug in your 5G Home Modem and you’re online. No appointments needed. Read about the 5G modem.

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If you want fast, reliable internet now, check out our nbn plans or mobile broadband options.
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Try 5G Home Internet on a no lock-in plan

Already have internet with us? Switch to 5G Home Internet without any cancellation fees.

5G Home Modem included for use with your plan

Plug-in and power on

Just plug in and go 5G-fast

  • Super easy setup – no cables or appointments.
  • Enjoy 5G speeds at home with Wi-Fi 6 for optimal performance on your devices.

Just plug your 5G Home Modem in where you find the strongest signal at home and boom - you're enjoying lightning-fast downloads of your favourite shows.

Add-on entertainment

Love it? Stream it on 5G Home Internet

Stream the movies, shows, sports and games you love - ridiculously fast. Add on BINGE, Disney+, Apple TV+, Foxtel Now, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and more to your 5G Home Internet plan now.

Subscriptions required.

Can’t get 5G Home Internet yet? Don’t fret

If 5G Home Internet isn’t available at your address and you want fast, reliable internet now, check out our nbn plans or mobile broadband options.



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Wi-Fi you can take with you.

Enjoy the freedom of a portable internet connection you can use at home or on the go. 4G or 5G network coverage required.

More reasons to choose Telstra 5G Home Internet

Try before you buy

Try 5G Home Internet on us for a month to make sure you love it. Once you’re happy, you can cancel your old internet service.

We monitor our network 24/7

Our cyber security team is constantly monitoring our network to protect your data from suspicious activity.

Local support

Call our local team or visit your local store. Plus, the My Telstra app makes it easier to manage your account, with in-app messaging and in-store appointment booking.

Be rewarded with Telstra Plus

Join Telstra Plus to earn points for great rewards and must-have devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Telstra Home Internet can deliver 378Mbps average download speeds, which is very fast. The typical download speed range is 50Mbps to 600Mbps, with 46 Mbps average upload speed (typical upload speed range 10Mbps to 90Mbps).

    Speeds will vary across the network. Average and typical speeds are into-the-home speeds measured at the modem. Speeds over Wi-Fi may be slower.

  • Absolutely! With ridiculously fast download speeds, you can connect multiple devices at once and still enjoy streaming the apps you love.

    If you're a casual gamer, 5G Home Internet can be a great option. But if you’re a serious gamer where every millisecond matters, this may not be the plan for you.

    Try it on us and see

    With your first month on us and no lock-in contract, you can try 5G internet and decide for yourself. If it's not right simply cancel and return the 5G modem in good working order within 21 days to avoid a non-return fee.

    Note that our 5G Home Internet plan features 1TB data per month. Most households use less than half that in a month. If you exceed your data allowance, your speeds will be slowed to 25Mbps.

  • You could, but it's unlikely. 1 terabyte (TB) is a thousand gigabytes (GB) of data. The average Telstra 5G Home household uses less than half that each month.

    To give you an idea, we estimate that you could do all of the following activities and still use less than 1TB in a month:

    • Send and receive 40,000 emails
    • Stream 8,500 hours of music
    • Surf the internet for 2,000 hours
    • Game for 16,500 hours
    • Stream high-def videos for 350 hours or 171 hours for 4K video
    • Post to social media for 5,600 hours. 

    What happens if I do go over the 1TB data allowance?

    You won't be charged, but your speed will be slowed to 25Mbps. To help you manage your usage, we let you know when you've hit 50, 85 and 100% of your data. 

    You can also check your usage with the My Telstra app.

  • You can connect any Wi-Fi capable devices in your home to the 5G Home Modem, from PCs to laptops to set-top boxes to smart appliances. You can also connect up to 4 devices via ethernet using the 4 ports on the 5G Home Modem.

    Currently the Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster is not compatible with the 5G modem.

    What if a device won't connect to the 5G modem?

    It could be that the security features of the 5G modem aren't supported by your device. This can be fixed easily by changing your modem's security mode. You can do it yourself by following these steps:

    1. Enter in your browser and sign in with the username and password on the back of the modem
    2. Select Wi-Fi settings
    3. Change your Wi-Fi network security mode to ‘WPA2’
    4. Then Save.

    Or if you'd prefer, you can get help from our support team.

  • No, all you need is the 5G Home Modem. Just plug it in where you find the strongest 5G signal, place it as close to a window as possible and you're connected.

  • You should set up your Telstra 5G modem:

    • where you find the strongest 5G signal in your home and
    • with a view out of a window. 

    (A strong signal is indicated by the green light on your modem.)

    Don’t place your modem near large metal objects that may block or interfere with its signal, such as

    • refrigerators
    • microwaves
    • TVs
    • steel-mesh window security screens. 

    Connecting your devices

    You won't need any extra cables. The 5G Home modem will then connect with your devices wirelessly. If you're not sure, follow the easy steps in our  5G modem set up guide. If you’re still having trouble visit 5G home support.

    What if I experience dropouts on 5G Home Internet?

    Dropouts may occur if your modem is placed where the 5G signal is weak. Make sure you find the strongest signal in your home, then place the modem as close to a window as possible there.

    Get more tips on good locations for your 5G modem in our 5G modem set up guide.

    If you experience multiple dropouts please contact us and we will assist you.

  • Your home may be in an area that hasn't got 5G coverage yet. Or you may be in a 5G area, but that area has reached its maximum number of 5G Home services.

    Wait - why can’t I get 5G internet if I'm in a 5G area?

    This is because 5G Home services are limited. If the maximum capacity for 5G Home services in your area has been reached, then you won’t get the best possible experience. If this is the case, we won’t be able to complete your 5G Home Internet order.

    If your area does have enough 5G capacity for a great experience, we’ll complete your order and send you a Telstra 5G Home Modem.

    To learn more or get help setting up, visit our 5G Home support page.

    Remember, you can still connect to fast and reliable Telstra internet via one of our nbn plans.

  • Phone line

    5G Home Internet does not include a fixed phone line. If you need a phone line, 5G Home Internet may not be your best option. All our nbn plans include a fixed phone line at no extra cost. 

    Medical and security alarms

    Medical alarms, security alarms or lifts that need a phone line to operate won't work on 5G Home Internet. If you have any of these services, check with your provider to see if they have options that are compatible with 5G Home Internet.

    Priority Assistance

    Unfortunately we can't offer Priority Assistance on 5G Home Internet. If you already have Priority Assistance on another Telstra internet plan, we recommend you remain on the same connection. Learn more about Priority Assistance

  • We don’t recommend running the 5G Home Internet and your existing home internet service at the same time, as the two Wi-Fi networks can interfere with each other and cause device connection issues. We recommend you unplug your old modem completely while you set up your new 5G Home Modem.

    Once you are happy with your 5G Home Internet then we recommend you cancel your old internet service to avoid paying for two services at the same time. We are giving your first month at no charge so you can decide whether 5G Home Internet is right for you.

  • No, your existing Telstra internet service remains connected. This is so you can confirm that you're happy with your 5G internet service while you take advantage of the first month on us.

    Once you're happy, you can cancel your old internet service. We recommend doing this within the first month so you aren’t charged for two services after your first month on us ends.

  • No, your 5G Home Modem is geo-locked to your home’s location, which means you can only use the 5G Internet service while it is at that address.

    If you are moving to a new address, you'll need to cancel your existing 5G Home Internet service and order a new one.

  • No, you’ll receive a separate bill for your 5G Home Internet. Your service will appear on My Account so you can manage it via the My Telstra app.

    Will my 5G Home service be direct debited automatically?

    No, you’ll need to set up direct debit for it separately. You can get help setting up direct debit on our manage my payments page.

Things you need to know

  • Service not available to all areas or all premises. Service availability is based on  5G coverage, and our network data availability check. Initial checks may show you are eligible for this service however actual availability will be confirmed during your order process.

    This plan does not include a fixed voice service and you will not be able to use it to make or receive calls or support a lift, security or medical alarm. This plan is not compatible with Telstra Air, Telstra Broadband or 3 for Free broadband top-ups. 

    This plan does not support hosting a gaming or file server. FairPlay Policy applies.


    Current average download speed is 378Mbps with speeds typically ranging between 50 and 600Mbps. Typical upload speeds of 46Mbps (ranging between 10Mbps to 90 Mbps)*

    Average and typical speeds may be slower over Wi-Fi connection and can be impacted by factors such as the distance from the serving 5G mobile tower, number of users online, where your modem is located and how far you are from it, and whether there are obstructions between your modem and the 5G mobile tower. Speeds may change over time but are anticipated to remain within the quoted speed range.

    *Average and typical speeds are into-the-home speeds measured at the modem. Speeds over Wi-Fi may be slower.  Download speeds were measured at the in-home modem during the busy evening period between 7pm – 11pm over a representative time period, typically ranging between 50 and 600Mbps and upload speeds typically ranging between 10Mbps to 90 Mbps.

    Once you exceed your included data allowance, your speed will be capped at 25Mbps, and slowed further in busy periods until your next billing month. There is no option to top up your data or move to a higher data plan.

    If you cancel your plan in the first 24 months your modem must be returned via our eParcel service (we will provide details in an email or SMS to you once you cancel) in good working order within 21 days of cancellation or modem fee will apply. Modem fee calculated as $29 x number of months remaining in the first 24 months. 


    If you’re an existing customer, your new Telstra 5G internet service will not appear on your existing bill. The 5G Home service will have a separate bill. Unfortunately, we are not able to join on to existing bills at this time.

    As your Telstra 5G internet service will be on a separate bill, you’ll need to set up direct debit for it separately. You’ll also need to request that the new service appears on My Account so you can manage it on the My Telstra app.

    Kayo offer

    For Telstra Personal customers taking up a new home internet service. Roll onto Kayo Basic standard month-to-month fees after 12 months unless you change or cancel beforehand. Must sign up to Kayo via Telstra at https://hub.telstra.com.au/kayo. Not compatible with any other Kayo offer or third-party billing platforms.

    If you cancel within 12 months, you will lose the remainder of, and cannot restart, the Kayo offer. Not available on Kayo One. Current Kayo One customers need to upgrade to Kayo Basic first to be eligible for this offer. 

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