What is 5G Business Internet?

5G Business Internet uses our next-gen 5G mobile network to deliver 5G-fast internet, setting up your business for the future. Because our 5G internet uses wireless technology, you can install it yourself to get connected fast. That means less interruptions so you can get on with business.

Why choose Telstra 5G Business Internet?

No lock-in contract

If you’re not happy with your 5G Business Internet service, you can cancel with no obligation. Just return the modem to us in good working order within 21 days of cancellation through our no cost eParcel service.

First month on us

Experience 5G Business Internet for $0 upfront with your first month on us. Your first month on us won’t start until your modem's up and running.

After first month, roll onto $85 a month unless you cancel.

Fast, easy self-setup

No tech appointments. No ethernet cables. No waiting. Set up the 5G plug-and-work modem yourself in minutes to maintain business momentum.

Try it, love it, keep it

Try 5G Business Internet and make sure you love it before you cancel your existing internet service. Once you know your preference, cancel whichever one you don’t want.

How 5G benefits your business

Broaden business reach

Connect to the country’s best and largest 5G network - covering over 75% of Australians, so you can work on the go in more places.

In non-5G coverage areas, you’ll automatically switch to our 4G or 3G networks.

Power better performance

Connect to 5G’s faster data speeds, so you can get your files and posts where they need to be more quickly, host video conferences with less buffering, get work done with less interruptions.

Tap into more network capacity

So you can cater for more business devices. The increased capacity of 5G also helps to provide better network performance – especially in crowded places.

Leap ahead with less lag

Leverage the lower latency of 5G with less data lag for near real-time responses. To power technologies in situations where milliseconds count, such as during live streams and while using business critical applications.

We've run out of 5G modems, but more are on the way.

Check if you can get 5G Business Internet using the address checker below. If your address is eligible, leave your details and we'll notify you as soon as our 5G modems are back in stock.

1. Check your address

Confirm if Telstra 5G Business Internet is available to you.


If you don't get a result in 15 seconds please refresh the browser and try again.

5G Business internet is available at your address

We’re currently out of stock of 5G modems. Please leave your details and we'll notify you as soon as more arrive.
Your address
Your address needs a new nbn connection. A $300 New Development Charge applies.
5G Business Internet is not available at your address
Telstra 5G Business Internet may not be in your area or you may not be eligible for this service.
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Sorry we are unable to check your address at the moment.

The address you entered

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2. Select 5G Business Internet plan

Try it on us for a month then $85 per month thereafter.

First month on us

Telstra 5G Business Internet , First month on us

$85 per month

$0 first month, then $85/mth. Available to Telstra business customers in select areas only.

Get 5G speeds for your business on our next gen network.

5G Business Internet

378Mbps average evening download speed (typical speed range 50Mbps to 600Mbps), with a typical upload speed of 46Mbps (range 10Mbps to 90Mbps)

Average and typical speeds are into-the-premises speeds measured at the modem. Speeds over Wi-Fi may be slower.

More on 5G internet speeds


What internet is right for your business?

nbn internet

A fast, reliable connection that's great for businesses of up to 10 employees where everyone's working at once.

  • Unlimited data plans
  • Select speeds to match business needs 
  • Telstra Smart Modem
  • nbn install appointment may be required
  • Includes phone line*

*Office phone hardware not included.

5G Business Internet

A super-fast wireless connection for your business, keeping you working and minimising downtime with easy install.

  • 1TB data per month
  • 5G-fast download speeds
  • Telstra 5G Modem
  • Easy set-up, just plug in and go
  • Doesn't include office phone

Select areas and eligible customers only.

Mobile broadband

A portable internet connection to use in the office or while you're working on the go.

  • Up to 400GB data per month
  • 5G-fast speeds* on the go in select areas
  • Portable Wi-Fi device
  • No installation, connects to devices
  • Doesn't support office phones

*Compatible plan and device required.

Business-grade fibre

A premium grade internet service that connects your business to speeds once reserved for large-scale enterprises.

  • Quality coverage
  • Symmetrical speeds
  • Minimised latency
  • Multiple supported bandwidths
  • Greater reliability


Get Australia’s best 5G coverage - in the office or on the go.

For fast 5G internet you can take with you, the Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro offers next-gen speeds with no excess data charges in Australia.


We’re here to help your business with 5G

Message us to plan a brighter future for your business built on reliable connectivity with Australia’s best 5G. We'll help to answer your questions and complete your 5G internet order.

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