Get comprehensive device and identity protection

Device Protect helps defend you against known viruses, malware, phishing scams and identity theft, with access to the complete Security Suite from Trend Micro™. Downloadable on compatible iPhone, iPad, Windows, MacOS, and Android devices.

  1. Add on Device Protect

    Sign in with your Telstra ID to add Device Protect to your existing internet or mobile plan.
  2. Set up your account

    Follow the prompts to set up your Trend Micro Account.
  3. Download the security apps

    Download and install the Trend Micro security apps on up to 10 compatible devices.

Hot Offer, Device Protect

$0 first 2 months, then $10/month

Help protect 10 compatible devices against known cyber threats with Trend Micro Security Suite.
Trend Micro Security Suite packaging

Protect your devices

Device protect helps you defend against known viruses, malware, phishing scams and identity theft with access to the complete security suite with TrendMicroTM

What you get with Device Protect

Device Protect gives you access to the following Trend Micro Security Suite apps to download on your compatible devices.

Trend Micro Mobile Security app is available to download on compatible iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Protects against viruses, malware and ransomware

Helps protect you against viruses, malicious apps, dangerous websites, spyware and unauthorised access to your devices. 

Guards against identity theft

Blocks you opening spam emails or SMSs with known phishing links, so you are not tricked into revealing your personal information to cyber criminals.

Safe browsing for kids

Helps keep your kids safe online by blocking unsuitable websites using content filtering.

Secure online banking and shopping

Protect your financial transactions while online banking and shopping on your preferred browser, using PayGuard. 

Trend Micro Maximum Security app is available to download on compatible Windows, MacOS, and Chromebook devices.

Protects against viruses and malware

Protects against viruses, malicious websites and spyware by identifying suspicious links in websites, social networks and emails. 

Ransomware protection

Safeguards documents from unauthorised encryption using Folder Shield, as well as backing up files that have been locked by suspicious programs. 

Guards against identity theft

Blocks you from opening spam emails or SMSs with known phishing links to help ensure that you’re not tricked into revealing your personal information to cybercriminals.  

Safe browsing for kids

Block unsuitable websites using content filtering and set time limits on PC usage.

Trend Micro ID Security app is available to download on compatible iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Personal ID search

Check to see if your personal information, such as email address, credit card number, passwords and bank account number, have been leaked due to known data breaches.

Personal data monitoring

Monitor and receive alerts if your personal information is found on the dark web, for cyber criminals to use. 

Trend Micro Wi-Fi Protection app is available to download on compatible iPhone, iPad, Windows, MacOS, and Android devices.

Wi-Fi protection

Turns any public hotspot into a secure Wi-Fi connection via a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Encrypts data

Encrypts communication when using Wi-Fi to keep your information private. 

Blocks dangerous and malicious websites

Protects you from malicious websites, online fraud or scams.

Trend Micro Password Manager app is available to download on compatible iPhone, iPad, Windows, MacOS, and Android devices.

Password safety

Makes it easy to identify weak passwords and generate unique, tough-to-hack passwords you don’t need to remember.

Single touch sign-in

Auto-fills secure passwords on your accounts with a single tap. 

Keystroke encryption

Protects passwords you type from being read by cybercriminals. 

Device Protect. For everything you care about.

Help protect the 10 devices you use most.

Guard your 10 most important devices from cyber attacks whether they're desktops, laptops, mobiles or tablets. See compatible devices.

Don't let cyber threats into your world.

Help protect your identity and your personal data, plus safeguard your family against known viruses, malware and ransomware.

Help keep your kids safe online.

Powerful parental controls help protect the most important members of your digital household.

Why choose us for cyber security?

Trusted partners, tested products.

We partner with leading security providers like Trend Micro to bring you tried and trusted cyber protection.

Comprehensive security package

We offer a range of feature to take the guesswork out of cyber security, including the full suite of Trend Micro security apps. 

Month-to-month flexibility

Large upfront fees are a thing of the past. Enjoy flexible month-to-month cyber security with no annual charges.

One bill, no surprises

Add Device Protect to your existing Telstra account so it's all on one bill. You'll also earn points with Telstra Plus.

nbn plans and nbn bundles

nbn ready? Choose a plan you'll feel secure about.

Get a reliable connection on Australia's most popular network. Telstra nbn. A better Wi-FI experience.

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