Google Nest

With Google Nest, everything works better together.

See how the second-gen Nest Hub can become the centre of your helpful home through a new interactive experience.

With Google Pixel, you're always connected.

Pixel 6 Pro

The smartest and fastest Pixel yet.

Introducing Pixel 6 Pro, the completely redesigned, fully loaded Google phone. With the Pixel Camera system, next-gen security and the Google Tensor processor, it’s the smartest and fastest Pixel yet.

5G now rolling out. Selected plans only.

Pixel 6

Smart, fast and secure.

Meet Pixel 6. It’s completely reimagined, inside and out. Powered by Tensor, Google’s first-ever processor, it’s fast, smart and secure. And it adapts to you.

5G now rolling out. Selected plans only.

A mother and child snuggle together as they watch content on the Google Pixel 6.

The Google Pixel 6 Phones

Meet Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The completely reimagined Google phones.

Cases & Protection

Google Pixel 6 Case

The Pixel 6 Case highlights the phone's design while keeping it protected. The translucent material lets the phone shine through. And it works with wireless charging too.

Cases & Protection

Google Pixel 6 Pro Case

The Pixel 6 Pro Case highlights the phone's design while keeping it protected. The translucent material lets the phone shine through. And it works with wireless charging too.

Build your smart home with Google Nest

A Google Nest speaker on bench with some toys and books.

Control your smart home with your voice.

From hands-free help in the kitchen to music that moves with you around the house, there's no place like a Google Nest home.

Nest Hub Display range

Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

Music. Shows. Simple smart home control.

Meet the second-gen Nest Hub from Google, the centre of your helpful home. Stay entertained with shows, videos and music. And control your compatible smart devices with a tap or your voice.

Smart home security

Nest Cam Indoor

Plug-in-and-go security. On your phone 24/7.

Google Nest Cam Indoor helps you stay connected to what matters to you – from anywhere. Watch the action live in super clear 1080p HD. And get alerts on your phone if there’s motion or sound.

Nest Speakers

Nest Mini

Bigger sound. Huge help.

Meet the 2nd generation Nest Mini, the speaker you control with your voice. Just say “Hey Google” to play your favourite music. And ask Google about the weather, news, or almost anything.

Smart Home Security

Nest Cam

Outdoor or indoor with battery

Nest Cam is battery powered, so it goes wherever you need it most, outside or in. It knows the difference between people and vehicles, so you can get the alerts that are important to you.

Nest Video Doorbells

Nest Doorbell

With battery

The Nest Doorbell is the battery-powered video doorbell that works with any home. See what’s happening at your door from anywhere, and get alerts about important activity, like a visitor or package delivery

Help with everything, from dinner time to showtime.

Google Assistant works with all your Google smart devices so you can control your home hands-free. Just say 'Hey Google...'.

Google Assistant speech icon with the words Hey Google.
Speech bubble indicating a person giving instructions to Google Assistant. Text in speech bubble says, Hay Google, show me my shopping list.
Speech bubble indicating a person giving instructions to Google Assistant. Text in speech bubble says, Hey Google, broadcast it’s dinner time.
Speech bubble indicating a person giving instructions to Google Assistant. Text in speech bubble says, Hey Google, dim the lights.

True Pixel Stories

Inspiring, unexpected and interesting stories told first-hand by real Pixel owners.

First Call With My Son - Matthew's True Pixel Story

Video content description

Matthew, who was born deaf, relied on video chat and lip-reading to communicate with his son Harry. When he got his Google Pixel, he tried out Live Caption and for the first time ever, he could do something that people all over the world do every day – he made a phone call to his son.

The Secret Ingredient - Matthew's True Pixel Story

Video content description

While Matt was teaching in Japan, his dad asked him to help run a restaurant. With no business experience, he went back home to California and opened up a BBQ joint with his dad. Eight years later, Matt’s Google Pixel and Nest products still help the business run smoothly. That means he doesn’t have to sweat the small stuff and can focus on what matters most: smoking delicious barbecue.

More Google home products to explore


Nest Hub Max

Big help for your busy home.

Nest Hub Max with the Google Assistant helps your busy family stay in touch and on track. Leave video messages, stay entertained on the 10-inch HD screen, check in on home when you’re away with the built-in Nest Cam and more.


Nest Audio

Amazing sound. At your command.

Meet Nest Audio.​ Hear music the way that it should sound, with crisp vocals and powerful bass, that fill the room.​ ​Just say, “Hey Google” to play music or get help.

Why choose Google with Telstra?

Build your Google smart home on Australia's best 5G

With Google's helpful family of 5G smart devices on the Telstra 5G network, life just connects better. 


5G now rolling out. Selected plans only.

Live the smart home dream

Discover how hands-free you can be with your smart home run by Google Assistant, on the internet more Australians choose.

Hands-free calling is even easier on our network

Make voice activated calls on Google Nest speakers and displays even when your Telstra phone's out of reach.

Get rewarded with Telstra Plus™

Join Telstra Plus and earn points with every purchase towards more great Google products for your smart home.

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